ZERO GRAVITY was founded with one principle in mind: to develop and deliver the safest and most effective anti-aging facial products to consumers across the globe. Zero Gravity is proud to be a prolific leader in the aesthetic devices market. ZERO GRAVITY is committed to producing the most effective system of LED light therapy (light emitting diodes) for facial skin rejuvenation, in the industry. Backed by medical science but specifically modified to allow for aesthetic-only treatments, the sophisticated science behind Infra Red Light Therapy is supported by many leading board-certified Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons across the globe. 

The human body, while not able to perform photosynthesis, is able to use light rays for various purposes (metabolism of vitamin D, for example), and infrared therapy uses long light waves, which are able to penetrate fairly deeply. LED light therapy uses a combination of red light and infrared light to promote skin health, as the light-emitting diode (LED) light emits light at red and infrared wavelengths. Unlike laser light therapy, LED lights produce more light over time, even though they use less energy.